First Time Home Buyer Roofing Guide

Roof Tips First Time Home buyers

The ability to be a first time home buyer and finally purchase a house is an exciting accomplishment that most Americans aspire to. Some of the key factors in choosing your home include the floorplan (does the house “flow”?), location (how will it affect your commute?), and storage space (is there a spot for all my stuff?).

The condition of the roof does not get as much attention during the home purchase until it’s time for the purchase inspection, but there are some basics for you to know that will help you make the most of your new home (and its roof). We know it isn’t your first concern, but since Sol Vista Roofing is one of the top roofing companies in Denver, CO, we want to help first time home buyers understand some of the roofing basics.

Roof Basics for First Time Home Buyers

Mortgage & Home Financing

Most first time home buyers use the assistance of a home loan, and your lender is likely to require the roof to be in adequate condition for them to fund your mortgage. Ask your lender about their requirements early in the loan application process to prevent surprises later on.

Roof Condition

Your new home’s roof has an important job: keep you, your family, and belongings safe and dry. It’s important your roof is in good condition for it to do this job. We recommend having one of the best roofing contractors in Denver, CO perform a professional inspection to ensure your roof is in good shape. At Sol Vista Roofing, we do these inspections for free and will check for issues around your wall flashing, vent flashing, shingle or tile condition, tree debris, and storm damage.

Roof Age

If your new home’s roof is close to the end of its life, you will want to know about it before you take ownership. Signs of an old roof include shingle granule loss, cupped or curled shingles/tiles, cracked shingles/tiles, and rusted metal flashings. In many cases a first time home buyer and their real estate agent may be able to have the seller replace the roof for them, or provide them a cash credit to have the roof replaced.

Attic Inspection

Most inspections will cover the roof’s exterior, but you should also make sure your inspector checks your new home’s attic. The attic is where your inspector will be able to tell if your roof deck is solid and dry, your ventilation is working, and you don’t have any mold or wood rot.


A property full of healthy trees can be a great advantage, but make sure there are no large branches hanging over your roof. Falling leaves and pine needles create debris that can collect on your roof and shorten your roof’s lifespan. Large branches also create the risk of wind-blown or snow-weight branches breaking and puncturing your roof. Most Denver, CO roofing contractors would advise you to have your trees trimmed back from your roof for the safety of your property.

Post Home Purchase To-Dos:

Make it A Habit to Inspect Your Roof

Our top recommendation to Denver, CO homeowners is to routinely inspect their roof (or have it inspected by a professional). Use a calendar app to create recurring reminders to have your roof inspected at least once a year (although twice is ideal). Most Denver, CO roofers will inspect your roof for free even if you don’t think you have roof damage.

Create A Budget for A Roof Replacement

If you bought a home with an older roof, you will want to plan ahead for the eventual replacement of the roof. While it’s common for your homeowner’s insurance to pay for roof replacements caused by storm damage, most roof replacements are paid by the homeowner directly. Having a budget for the roof expense will simplify the process for you.

Ask Your Insurance Agent About Discounts

If you know you will need a new roof in the near future, ask your insurance agent if they provide discounts for any roofing materials. For example, some insurance carriers offer discounts when you install impact-resistant roofing products on your home.

As a top Denver roofer, Sol Vista Roofing is here to assist first time home buyers assess their roof and understand what condition it is in. Contact us today to get started!