How to tell if your roof is damaged

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Your roof is your main shield from the elements, and to keep it working you may want to know how to tell if your roof is damaged. Damage to your roof can prevent it from doing its main job: keeping your home and family safe and dry. Some damage is more readily apparent, while other forms of damage may not be noticeable right away. To prevent damage from causing serious harm to the interior of your home, watch for the warning signs below.

How to Tell If Your Roof Is Damaged – 5 Warning Signs

  1. Water damage – if you observe water intrusion from above inside your home, that can mean you have an active leak. This is one of the more noticeable signs that your roof is not performing it’s core duty. It’s possible the leak could be from your plumbing, however we recommend having a professional visit to assist you in diagnosing the issue.
  2. Shingle granules in your gutters – if you notice granules accumulating in your gutters, that is a sign of potential storm damage. Granules are solidly adhered to your shingles, and it takes a serious blow to dislodge them. Hail stones, high winds, and wind-driven rain are capable of dislodging the granules, which could lead to deterioration of the shingle’s asphalt mat and eventually water intrusion.
  3. Missing materials – do you see shingles or tiles in your yard or driveway? If so, your roof may be left vulnerable to the elements. This can be caused by storm events, animal interference, or potential issues with the installation or material. Regardless, it should be addressed immediately.
  4. Curled or cupped shingles – if the edges or entire body of your shingles are curling or cupping, they’re likely brittle and more likely to crack or break under pressure. Shingles are designed to lay flat, and if they don’t, they can’t properly do their job.
  5. Weathered fascia and soffits – improper drainage or damage may result in uneven wearing of your fascia and soffits. If you notice a certain section that shows more signs of weather than the rest of your home, it could mean there is damage that requires attention.

Many of these forms of damage can be solved with a small roof repair performed by a qualified roofer. The team at Sol Vista will confidently repair and patch your roof to extend its life. In some cases if the damage has spread too far, we may suggest a full roof replacement with one of our beautiful, protective Owens Corning roofing systems.

Spotting damage may not be possible from the ground view. And it is not always safe to climb onto your own roof. If you have questions about your roof or think you might have damage, we would be glad to provide a free inspection and honest assessment. Contact us here to get started.