Benefits of upgrading to a metal roof

metal roof

Homeowners throughout Colorado’s front range are increasingly choosing metal roofing options over more commonly found materials like tile and shingle. In Colorado’s climate, there are numerous benefits for choosing a metal roof to protect your property.

Six Benefits of Upgrading to a Metal Roof

  1. Environmentally friendly. Metal roofs have heat absorption qualities that help moderate your home’s temperature in the cold winter and hot summer, reducing your energy consumption and bill. And, because of the long-lasting nature of metal roofs, by going metal you will help contribute less roofing material waste into our landfills. In some jurisdictions, these environmental benefits can bring you tax credits as well!
  2. Durable. Your new metal roof will be one of the strongest and longest lasting materials available. Colorado’s harsh conditions are known to put front range roofs to the test. When those infamous hail, wind, and snowstorms arrive, you’ll be glad you opted for the strength of a metal roof.
  3. Lower maintenance requirements. Many roofing materials, like shingles or tile, will require occasional maintenance, repairs, and patching to maintain the waterproofing capabilities you expect from your roof. But metal roofs have much lower maintenance needs. You will want to stay alert for any heavy falling debris (bricks, stones, etc) that could penetrate the coating or steel and cause corrosion, but otherwise you will find your metal roof to be extremely low-maintenance.
  4. Lower lifetime cost. The upfront expense of metal roofing is often more than budget-friendly options like shingles, but metal can reliably last three times as long (or more). If you plan to stay in your home long-term, the upfront expense is usually worth it as you’ll need to replace your roof less often and will have lower maintenance expenses. Not to mention lower energy costs. And, many insurance carriers provide premium discounts for metal roofs.
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  5. Fire-resistant. The lack of porousness in metal gives it the best roof safety rating
  6. Light-weight. Other durable materials can put your roof structure under a heavy load. Metal is actually lighter than shingles and keeps the pressure off your roof’s framing.

There are many reasons to choose metal, as seen above. Another one many of our customers find is improved appearance of their home with a metal roof. There are dozens of color options, and the sleek lines provide a refreshing touch to any home.

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