Top Reasons Why F-Wave Roofing Products Are Great For Denver Homes

Sol Vista Roofing F-Wave Revia Denver

Are you considering a roof replacement in the near future? Whether your roof is due for replacement due to old age or hail damage, there are more options available to homeowners today than at any point. One of the most exciting and innovative roofing products available today is the F-Wave Revia synthetic roofing shingle. Because […]

Is it time to replace your wood shake roof?

Denver Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Cedar shake roofs begin their life as a beautiful and durable roof system. However, over time, the wood can deteriorate and leave your roof vulnerable to leaks, damage, and pest infestations. It is important to catch these issues early to avoid major damage to your home’s interior. Here are the five signs that it may […]

Roof Inspections the Sol Vista Way

denver roof inspection

A roof system involves many components working together to keep your home safe and dry. A proper roof inspection will include a review of each of those components to get a comprehensive understanding of how well the roof is performing. That is exactly how we inspect roofs at Sol Vista Roofing. For each roof we […]

Home Selling Guide to the Roof Inspection

Sol Vista Roofing Purchase Inspection

The excitement of going under contract on your home sale can quickly become nervousness when the time comes to schedule the inspection. You never know what minor crack or chip may be identified as a larger issue. By taking some quick and easy proactive steps, you can take a lot of the pressure away from […]

Nine Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

EPDM Roof Sol Vista Roofing Denver

Roof issues are an unavoidable fact of commercial real estate ownership. While dealing with commercial roofing issues can be frustrating, there is some good news! Many problems with commercial roofs are very common, and partnering with a full-service Denver roofing contractor like Sol Vista Roofing for routine inspections and seasonal maintenance can help uncover the […]

Top Reasons We Recommend DaVinci Roofing Products

DaVinci Bellaforte Slate European Sol Vista Roofing

For Denver-area homeowners looking for a distinct roof appearance, we recommend the premium options offered by DaVinci Roofscapes. DaVinci offers slate and shake style roofing that is built from engineered polymers. The design and color options are nearly limitless to match the perfect style to your home. Here are some of the top reasons to […]

Why Roof and Attic Ventilation Matters

Attic-Ventilation-Diagram-Sol Vista Roofing

Your roof’s main function is to keep your family and home safe and dry. But did you know your roof has another important job? It must also help to ventilate your attic properly. The two main reasons to ventilate your attic are: Circulate air to remove moisture from the attic space. Moisture in your attic […]

Understanding Roof Warranties

sol vista roofing littleton owens corning

Getting a roof replacement is a major investment that homeowners want to protect. That is why roof warranties are such a frequent topic when getting started on a new roofing project. The listed warranty terms are important, of course, but you also want to ask your contractor how they handle warranty claims. A common complaint […]

Shingles We Love to Install

Sol Vista Roofing Owens Corning Duration Driftwood

There are no shortage of shingle options to choose from. So what are the shingles we recommend the most in 2021 for Colorado homeowners? Our team has weighed all the factors and came up with our rankings below. Asphalt shingles make up 70% of roofs in Colorado and is the most common material we install. […]

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Sol Vista DaVinci Slate Roof Colorado

Your roof performs one of the most critical jobs of any component of your home: keeping you and your family safe and dry. So what does it cost to replace it? Each project has different characteristics that affect the price, but generally we have found the costs below to be accurate for most roof replacements […]