When should you have your roof replaced?

Sol Vista Luxury Roof

Having a sturdy, water-tight roof atop your house is important to all homeowners. In some cases whether due to old age, storm damage, improper installation, or otherwise, you may wonder whether it’s time to consider a new roof for your home.

The easiest way to tell if you need to consider a new roof is if you notice leaks from inside your home. Any time you have water entering your house is a time for concern. However, don’t wait for a leak before you consider roof repair or replacement, as by that time the leak may have been active for long enough to cause significant structural damage.

When should you have your roof replaced – 5 signs to watch for

  1. You notice bald spots where your shingles have missing granules. Missing granules can expose the asphalt material underneath to the sun, eventually causing cracks and opening themselves to water exposure underneath.
  2. Your roof is at least 20 years old. Many roofs will last well beyond 20 years, but at that age marker you should begin to monitor your roof’s performance more closely, including at least one professional inspection per year.
  3. You have storm damage from wind or hail. With the Denver area being a top-5 hail market in the U.S., it is a concern for Front Range homeowners. Hail damage can take months after the storm before causing leaks, so it is best to address it as soon after the storm as possible.
  4. You notice a pattern of neighbors getting new roofs. This may be due to many of the homes being the same age, or due to storm damage. Either way it should raise your eyebrows and trigger a thought regarding your own roof. Most contractors, like Sol Vista, will provide a professional inspection for free.
  5. You see visible wear and age in the roof surface. This can include curled or cupped shingle edges, cracked shingles, or discoloration. Deterioration of the shingles or other roofing surface can create pathways for water to penetrate and lead to leak events.

If you have questions about your roof or are wondering if it’s time to consider replacement, we would be glad to provide a free inspection and honest assessment. Contact us to get started.