When Should I Have My Roof Inspection by a Professional?

To get the most out of your roof, a regular inspection is a good idea. We recommend annual inspections at a minimum to ensure optimal performance of your roof system. It is common for the Denver area to receive multiple significant hail and windstorms every year which can negatively affect the performance of your home’s roof.

When to Have A Professional Roof Inspection

In addition to regular annual inspections, we also recommend having a professional inspection of your roof at the following times:

Before listing your home for sale

As you prepare your home for sale, don’t forget about the condition of your roof! With a comprehensive home inspection part of most Denver real estate transactions, the condition of your roof will come up sooner or later. The roof inspection can create stress and delays if problems are found too late in the process, which is why we suggest homeowners have a professional roof inspection before their home is listed. Most Denver roofing contractors (like us at Sol Vista) will inspect your roof for free. If there are no roof problems, you will have the peace of mind during your inspection that your roof won’t hold up your sale. And if there are roof issues, it’s always better to know about them early in the process so you can consider repairing or replacing the roof components. An added benefit if you replace your roof pre-listing is the ability to market your home with a new roof! In fact, a report by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) showed that new roofs provide a 109% return on investment, which means your new roof could increase the value of your home!

Before solar panels are installed

With as much sunshine as we get along the Front Range, solar panels are becoming more and more popular as an energy source. If you are considering roof-mounted solar panels for your home, you should consider having your roof inspected in advance. If there are damaged or strained areas of your roof, you will want to have those corrected before solar panels are affixed to your roof structure. This will ensure that your roof and solar panel system work well together for years to come! The same is true for other significant roof-mounted structures, such as HVAC components.

Roof Inspection After a Storm

If your neighborhood was hit by a known hail or windstorm, you should determine if your roof may have been damaged as soon as possible. Storm damage can compound over time, creating more damage to your home the longer it goes unnoticed. According to Insurance Journal, the Denver area is one of the top-5 cities in the United States for hail damage claims. The professionals at Sol Vista know how the insurance claim process works for storm damage and would be glad to answer your questions.

If you find yourself in one of these situations and need a trustworthy roofer to inspect your home, contact us to come conduct a professional inspection.