When NOT to File A Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

At Sol Vista Roofing, we have become used to performing roof replacements that are part of a storm damage roof insurance claim. When we inspect your roof, we know what type of storm damage to look for that can reduce your roof’s lifespan. If your roof is storm damaged from hail or wind, we can share those findings and photos with you to let you decide whether to file a roof insurance claim.

Roof Insurance Claim – When NOT to File

Sometimes it is clear that a roof needs to be replaced. Other times, however, there may be evidence of storm damage that minor Denver roof repairs can handle instead of needing your insurance company to pay for a full roof replacement. Some Denver roofing companies will suggest full roof replacements with any sign of storm damage because it gives them more work to do for a higher price. That is not always in the best interest of the homeowner, however.

Don’t File A Claim if the Cost of Repairs Is Less Than Your Policy’s Deductible

For example, we recently worked with a Denver homeowner that had wind damage to two slopes on their home’s roof. The roof was about seven years old and, other than the isolated wind damage, was in good shape with 5+ more years of expected life. We advised the customer that we could repair the damaged area for a much lower cost than his insurance deductible, which he chose to do instead of filing an insurance claim.

Denver Roof Repair
Before and After – wind damage repair that did NOT require a full roof replacement

Our Denver roof repair team completed the repairs in just a couple hours with minimal disruption to the customer’s day. The result is a sturdy, watertight roof in as good of shape as it was before the windstorm blew some of the shingles off. The homeowner did not have to go through the insurance claim process and did not have to pay his deductible, and instead only paid for the minor repairs.

Other Scenarios To Look Out For

The major consideration is whether or not cost of roof repairs will exceed your deductible, as discussed above. But there are other times where you may want to reconsider if filing an insurance claim is in your best interests. Those are:

  • If there is no evidence of a recent hail or wind storm. Sometimes a homeowner might think they have storm damage, but it could be wear-and-tear or other type of damage that might not be covered by your policy. Insurance companies will validate that a storm occurred before they agree to replace your roof.
  • If you already have a separate homeowner’s insurance claim in-process. In this scenario, we suggest you call and speak with your insurance agent so you don’t incur another deductible without needing to.
  • If a door-to-door salesperson viewed your roof and suggested filing a claim. It doesn’t mean it’s absolutely a bad idea, but you will want to make sure there is true storm damage before going through a claim process. We suggest getting a second opinion by finding a reputable roofing company online, or asking your insurance agent for a roofing contractor referral.
  • In commercial roofing, insurance claims can look a little bit different. Our commercial roofing team is ready to assist and walk you through the insurance claim process.

Whether you think you need a full Denver roof replacement, a minor leak repair, or just want a professional to inspect your roof, we will always give an honest assessment. If it is not in your best interest to file a roof replacement insurance claim, we will not suggest that path.

Our team is ready when you need us, contact us to get started.