What do roofing project managers do?

roofing project manager

When you have a roofing question and contact a professional roofing company like Sol Vista, a Project Manager will typically be assigned to inspect your roof. Roofing project managers will oversee your roofing project from beginning to end and ensure a top quality roof is built for your property.

Our Project Managers at Sol Vista are trained regularly on the latest roofing material products and installation techniques.

Specifically, good roofing project managers will direct your roofing project in the following ways:

  • Inspect & assess the roof of your property. Your project manager will review the perimeter of your roof from ground level, then climb up for an up-close inspection from the rooftop. At Sol Vista we use high-tech inspection techniques, including high-resolution shareable photos and drone technology (when needed). Our project managers follow an inspection checklist to ensure they perform a thorough review of your property’s roof, and are able to recommend the right solution for you.
  • Roof repair and reroof estimate writing. Project managers utilize digital or hand-measured measurements along with their knowledge of roofing products and installation to create a custom quote for your property. They will use the insight from their inspection to estimate the right repairs, if any, that are being recommended. They will take time to review the estimate with you and ensure you understand before moving ahead with your project. At that time your project manager will work with you on final material and color selections so you feel great about the roof on your home for years to come.
  • Planning and scheduling. Project managers will coordinate ordering your new roofing materials and scheduling our construction crew’s time based on your project needs. We work with several suppliers, but usually your materials will be delivered directly to your property. Our crews will be scheduled and briefed on the plan for your project.
  • Communication and customer service. Your project manager is your main point of contact from beginning-to-end. Whether you have a question about your inspection, material order, or construction in-process, your project manager is the person to find and answer for you. At Sol Vista our project managers are available by phone call, text, and email to make sure they are responsive to your needs.
  • Safety and quality assurance. Your project manager will be onsite at many times throughout your project to check on progress, safety, and quality. A construction crew chief will also directly manage the construction crew and work together with the project manager if there are any questions or needs in the middle of the build.

We are proud of our team of experts at Sol Vista Roofing, and are eager to demonstrate our expertise and help you solve your roofing problems. We work to maintain a positive and encouraging work environment for our project managers at Sol Vista which allows them to dedicate their focus to your roofing needs.

If you have questions about your roof or are wondering if it’s time to consider replacement, we would be glad to provide a free inspection and honest assessment. Contact us here to get started.

And, if you are interested joining a world-class roofing team and becoming a Sol Vista Roofing project manager, reach out to us! We can’t wait to meet you.