What Are F-Wave Revia Roofing Shingles?

F-Wave Revia Roofing

If you need a roof replacement, you may have heard of F-Wave Revia shingles as part of your research. F-Wave Revia shingles are one of the latest innovations in residential roofing, and are quickly becoming one of our favorite products to install.

As one of the first Denver roofing contractors to offer F-Wave Revia shingles, we have many reasons to recommend them to front-range homeowners.

F-Wave Revia shingles are certainly innovative and different from the asphalt-based shingles found on most homes. But what are they actually made from?

What Are F-Wave Revia Roofing Shingles Made Of?

F-Wave Revia roofing shingles are constructed from commercial-grade polymers. Polymers are substances made from large molecules that are created from connecting smaller similar chemical units together. Most polymer-based roofing materials, are built from a blend of plastics, rubbers, and other synthetics bonded together chemically to create an extremely durable product. Of course the exact recipe is secret and proprietary to F-Wave, but the result is a beautiful AND durable roofing product.

F-Wave shingles constructs their Revia shingles by using their “ZFT Technology”, which allows the shingles to be produced with consistent appearance, color, shape, and durability. This consistency shines through during installation, which is one of the key benefits for contractors that install F-Wave Revia shingles.

The result of the polymer-based construction using the ZFT technology is an instant classic in roofing material options. F-Wave Revia shingles are class 4 impact rated against hail damage (the highest rating available), 130 MPH wind rated, and class A fire rated. All of this is achieved for an installed price of roughly the same as premium asphalt shingles, a truly remarkable feat.

If you’re shopping for a new roof, we highly encourage you to consider F-Wave. Contact the team at Sol Vista Roofing to get the process started.