Understanding Construction Project Delays – With Help From Dumpsters.com

construction project delays

Our industry friends at Dumpsters.com recently put together a comprehensive guide on construction project delays. Construction project execution requires mastery of several skills, and in many cases it takes a little bit of luck (with things like weather, etc). Putting all the necessary skills and luck together to perform at a professional level in construction management is what sets Sol Vista Roofing apart from our rivals in the Denver commercial roofing market.

Top Causes of Construction Project Delays

The crew at Dumpsters.com needed industry professionals to help understand what causes construction delays and how certain delays may be avoided. Check out their full article for insight into what constitutes an excusable delay, inexcusable delay, or concurrent delay. Likewise, they share information about the top ten causes of construction project delays.

Construction Material Shortages

One of the key causes of project delays has been material shortages. However, Sol Vista Roofing has been proud to be able to begin construction on all of our commercial roofing projects within a 14 day window after contract signing. This is largely due to our premium status with material manufacturer and distribution partners. Our A+ track record in project execution (not to mention always paying our bills!) means we get top priority for material orders and deliveries.

We are proud of our on-time and on-budget track record for large roofing projects in Denver. When you need a roofing team that can be trusted to navigate a complex project, contact the pros at Sol Vista Roofing.