Top Ways to Fix Ponding Water on Flat Roofs

Ponding Water

Flat roofs have a higher chance of having an area where water can collect and pool up as compared to steep-sloped roofs. But even flat/low-slope roofs are not supposed to allow ponding water for more than 48 hours after it gets onto the roof. If you have a roof where water is ponding/pooling for 48+ hours, it’s something that should be addressed quickly.

Risks of Allowing Ponding Water on Commercial Flat Roofs

If your roof has ponding water, it could create problems for your property. Such as:

  • Accelerate wear-and-tear of the roofing membrane
  • Damage/soften membrane overlap seams
  • Cause blisters in roof material
  • Create sediment/dirt buildup in low spots

But it’s possible to solve your roof’s low spots that are causing ponding water. And in some cases it may be a simpler repair than you think.

How to Stop Ponding Water

Every roof repair is different. But depending on the issues on your roof, one or more of the repair techniques below may solve your ponding water issue.

Clean and flush your roof drains

So many commercial roofing issues are caused by clogged drains. A simple drain clean and flush may be the ticket to getting your ponding water issue solved.

Install additional drain

This is especially simple if your ponding water is happening near a parapet wall. You may be able to install a new scupper and downspout to keep water from pooling up. Consult with a professional for this type of repair, as it would require drilling through the parapet wall to install the new drain.

Perform A Silicone-Based Repair

Fluid-applied silicone roof coating is one of the only roofing materials that is rated to withstand ponding water (when installed by a certified applicator). Using silicone at the area where water is collecting may be the simple way to protect your roof from leaks. For silicone repairs at badly damaged roofs, using a 3-course technique may be required.

Install Crickets Underneath

Another repair option could be cutting-out the membrane from the ponding area to install roof crickets. These are made with rigid foam-board and shaped to the form desired. After the cricket is installed, new membrane is added above, and new rainwater will be diverted around the repair area thanks to the cricket.

Use Spray-Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

SPF roofing can be used for full-roof restorations or smaller repairs. For water ponding over built-up and modified bitumen roofs, SPF can be applied to remove the low-spot where water ponding has been noticed. SPF material must be coated immediately with a UV resistant material but can work well to correct pooling water.

Re-Pitch the Roof

One of the more significant options would be to install a new tapered foam-board system to re-pitch the entire roof. If the roof is overly flat with many low areas that water is collecting, re-pitching it with a new taper system might be the only option.

Overlay the Roof with New Membrane

If water is ponding and the roofing material is also generally old and failing, a roof membrane overlay could solve both problems. With this approach, a cricket would be installed on top of the existing roof at the area where water is ponding. Then a new membrane would be installed over the entire roof, including the existing membrane and new cricket.

Replace the Roof

Taken a step further from above, replacing the entire commercial roof might be the last option remaining after all of the minor repair suggestions have been deemed infeasible. During the roof replacement, a new tapered insulation system can be installed to ensure the new roof drains as planned. Commercial roof replacement projects will also result in new membrane installation, new flashings at penetrations and curbs, and potentially new edge metal flashings.

Commercial Roof Repair in Metro Denver

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