Top Reasons Why F-Wave Roofing Products Are Great For Denver Homes

F-Wave Roofing Products

Are you considering a roof replacement in the near future? Whether your roof is due for replacement due to old age or hail damage, there are more options available to homeowners today than at any point. One of the most exciting and innovative roofing products available today is the F-Wave Revia synthetic roofing shingle. Because the Denver area receives frequent severe hail and wind, the F-Wave Revia shingles may be the best answer for your home.

Introduction to F-Wave Revia Roofing Products

F-Wave Revia roofing shingles are constructed from commercial grade polymers using the company’s ZFT manufacturing platform. The patented material blend and manufacturing process results in shingles that are UV-resistant and will not crack, tear or delaminate. The shingles are designed to appear like beautiful, premium slate or wood shake roofs, instantly boosting the curb appeal of all homes they are installed on.

Seven reasons we recommend F-Wave Revia shingles for Colorado homes:

  1. Terrific curb appealthe appearance of F-Wave Revia shingles will be sure to make your house stand out on the block, and make your neighbors envious. With the convincing look of slate or wood shake offered in three profiles and seven color choices, you’ll be pleased with the improved appearance of your home.
  2. Class 4 hail rating – F-Wave Revia shingles carry the best hail rating on the market. They also come with an unprecedented 5-year hail impact warranty for added peace-of-mind. With hail being a primary concern for Denver roofs, F-Wave provides one of the best options yet.
  3. 130 MPH wind rating – F-Wave Revia roofs can withstand the worst windstorms in Colorado. The shingles are built with a one-inch reinforced nailing zone which boosts the wind resistance and ensures correct nail placement during installation.
  4. UV resistant – thanks to the synthetic construction of F-Wave Revia shingles, their color won’t degrade over time and they won’t warp in the harsh sun rays like most other roofing materials. In fact, F-Wave guarantees no color degradation for 15 years.
  5. Class A fire rating – the best rating available creating a safe environment for your home.
  6. Single-piece construction – most premium roofing products are constructed as individual tiles, but F-Wave Revia shingles are combined into larger pieces. This means it’s simpler to install and doesn’t require special tools.
  7. 50-year warranty – F-Wave provides a 50-year guarantee on the Revia roofing shingles it manufactures. This, along with the 5-year hail damage guarantee, is one of the best warranties ever offered in the roofing industry.

If you are considering your options for durable and beautiful roofs in Denver, CO, ask your Sol Vista Roofing project manager about F-Wave Revia shingles. Contact us here for a roof assessment.