Why Roof and Attic Ventilation Matters

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Your roof’s main function is to keep your family and home safe and dry. But did you know your roof has another important job? It must also help to ventilate your attic properly. The two main reasons to ventilate your attic are: Circulate air to remove moisture from the attic space. Moisture in your attic […]

Understanding Roof Warranties

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Getting a roof replacement is a major investment that homeowners want to protect. That is why roof warranties are such a frequent topic when getting started on a new roofing project. The listed warranty terms are important, of course, but you also want to ask your contractor how they handle warranty claims. A common complaint […]

Shingles We Love to Install

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There are no shortage of shingle options to choose from. So what are the shingles we recommend the most in 2022 for Colorado homeowners? Our team has weighed all the factors and came up with our rankings below. Asphalt shingles make up 70% of roofs in Colorado and is the most common material we install. […]

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

how much does a new roof cost

(updated January 2022) Your roof performs one of the most critical jobs of any component of your home: keeping you and your family safe and dry. So how much does a new roof cost? Each project has different characteristics that affect the price, but generally we have found the costs below to be accurate for […]

Roof Tips for Property Managers

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Property managers must juggle multiple properties and priorities at once, and sometimes a roofing issue is the last of their concerns. Unless your property has a leak, the roof can be easy to neglect. But letting a roofing problem slide can create multiple other structural concerns for the property down the road. At Sol Vista […]

Should I Consider A Stone-Coated Steel Roof for My Home?

Stone-Coated Steel Roof

Stone-coated steel roofing systems, like those provided by Boral Roofing, are becoming a more popular option in Colorado. This type of roofing provides the durability of metal roofing while also providing the more traditional appearance of shake, slate, or clay tile. For property owners looking into high-durability roof materials, Boral stone-coated steel is a great […]