Are Starter Shingles Necessary?

starter shingles

Are you planning to replace your roof? If you are, then you must have come across the word starter shingles. We know there are different opinions on these shingles, which can easily confuse homeowners. So today, we are here with a new guide on starter shingles.

So if you find yourself wondering: What are starter shingles? Are they essential for your roof? How are they different from roofing shingles? This article answers all questions about starter shingles.

What Are Starter Shingles?

Starter shingles serve the purpose of protecting the roof from water and wind damage. Roofing professionals install starter shingles after underlayment right before installing regular shingles, and they are designed to create a watertight seal at the edge of your roof. You may also call them starter strips, as they come in the form of long strips of asphalt material.

Starter shingles also have a separating line to tear the strip perfectly and cover smaller areas. The strips are made of asphalt material and have a self-adhesive layer of tar at the bottom. This self-sealing layer helps starter shingles seal with regular shingles, which will be installed above the strip.

starter shingles

Where Do Starter Shingles Go On A Roof?

Starter shingle strips are installed at the rakes, eaves, and ridges. However, some may debate that rakes don’t need starter shingles as those areas may not be prone to wind damage. There are many more functions of starter shingles that every homeowner should know. Below we will answer the big question: Are starter shingles necessary?

Are Starter Shingles Necessary For Homes?

The simple answer is: Yes, starter shingles are necessary for every home. We believe every homeowner wants to get the best out of their roof and prefers to maintain its aesthetics for decades. Using starter shingles will ensure that you don’t have to repair your roof frequently. They are critical to prevent leaks, maintain the roof, and enhance its longevity.

Here’s how starter shingles protect the roof:

Prevent Shingle Curling

All the components of a roof function together to ensure you get a safe and effective roofing system for a long time, but roofs can quickly develop leaks and cracks if they are not sealed properly. So roofs need starter strips to seal the regular shingles and keep them from curling at the edges. Starter strips protect the roof under severe weather conditions when wind and rainwater can damage asphalt shingles.

Avoid Moisture Damage

When homes aren’t properly maintained or repaired, they become more susceptible to structural damage because of moisture. High moisture or humidity levels lead to mold, algae, rot, and property damage. A compromised roof also poses health hazards due to toxic or poor indoor air quality, mainly because of fungus and algae. This may require considerable cleanup and repair, and can cost you a lot of money.

Often, insurance companies may be unable to approve your claim due to low maintenance or stating that you are missing starter shingles that are important for your roof. So when you use starter strips, they help prevent moisture and wind from flowing in via tiny gaps at the edges. You can also use the strips to direct rainwater to the gutters by raising shingle edges slightly.

Maintain Aesthetic Appeal

One of the added benefits of using starter shingles is they help install roofing shingles properly. In fact, some roofing contractors find them necessary to maintain the aesthetics of the roof. That’s because starter strips give a clean, straight line as a guide to installing regular shingles. The strips help to install shingles in a straight line, consistently throughout the roof. Shingles look beautiful when they are installed in the right fashion. Otherwise, the design may not come out clean and give an impaired look to the roof.

A few people suggest an alternative to starter strips. They believe it’s okay to tear regular shingles, flip them and nail them down to substitute starter strips. However, standard shingles cannot replace starter shingles, as the two have different properties. To better understand how starter shingles protect the roof, you must also know how they differ from other roofing shingles.

How Do Starter Shingles Differ From Regular Shingles?

Starter shingles are different from regular shingles in plenty of ways. First, starter strips have a self-adhesive layer on the back that sticks with the roofing shingles to hold them in place. Second, starter shingles have a specific color for more visibility to create a clean, aesthetic finish. Finally, starter shingles are slightly smaller than architectural and other types of shingles. This allows them to fit snugly against the edges of the roof, creating a seal that helps to prevent water and wind damage.

If you want a perfect roofing system, it’s best to choose roofing materials from the same brand. This also applies to starter shingles and roofing shingles. Choosing the same brand offers impressive warranties and a more sturdy roofing system.

So suppose, if you pick Bourbon– the shingle color of the year– look at the brand. Bourbon is a spectacular shingle color in the Owens Corning Duration range, and they are exceptionally sturdy and durable. You should choose the same brand for starter shingles, underlayment, and other roofing components.

Best Pick: Owens Corning Starter Strip Plus Shingle

Owens Corning is the top manufacturer of roofing materials, and we recommend their Starter Strip Plus Shingle. These starter shingles have the perfect composition to sit tight and offer maximum protection from wind damage. They also reduce installation time as there’s no need to cut them. This product is affordable, high-quality, and it offers the best performance.

If you like roofing materials from Owens Corning, make sure you choose their preferred contractor. These contractors have mandatory training, licenses, and insurance coverage.

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