Sol Vista Roofing Showcased on the Redfin Blog

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Did you see the latest Redfin blog that highlighted our team at Sol Vista Roofing? Redfin needed a Colorado roofing expert to help understand roofing issues related to skylights. We spoke with them to help Redfin readers understand what to think about regarding skylights on their roof.

Skylights are a great way to bring in daylight, especially in interior rooms or hallways without windows. That’s why we told the Redfin folks we frequently see skylights installed in bathrooms and in stairways. But did you know that skylights are also a common roof leak entry point? That’s why we always recommend working with a licensed, professional roofer to make sure your skylight is installed with proper flashing to keep water drainage running away from the skylight (and not pooling or leaking under).

We were happy to be highlighted by the Redfin blog and hope you enjoyed their post about skylights!