Roof Tips for Property Managers

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Property managers must juggle multiple properties and priorities at once, and sometimes a roofing issue is the last of their concerns. Unless your property has a leak, the roof can be easy to neglect. But letting a roofing problem slide can create multiple other structural concerns for the property down the road.

At Sol Vista Roofing, we help property managers take the stress out of roofing issues so they can focus on other priorities. We have found that the advice below can go a long way in removing roof stress and prolonging your property’s roof’s life.

Roof Advice for Colorado Property Managers

  • Regular inspection and repair – we recommend two roof inspections per year. One in the spring after your roof has weathered snow and ice all winter, and another in the fall after Colorado’s famous hail season concludes. Additionally, we recommend having your roof inspected after any major storm event.
  • Understand the Colorado climate – the dry air means your properties will not have algae or mold on their roofs. However, heavy weight from snow, ice damming, hail storms, wind, and pests are all risk areas for your roof in Colorado.
  • Make a checklist – a few simple tasks can save you time and money in the long run. Some items to include on your list are: take routine photos, know who’s accessing the roof (for example, HVAC repair), and finally, encourage your tenants to quickly alert you of any roof problems or leaks.

The roofing professionals at Sol Vista can help you manage this. We can schedule regular professional roof inspections and handle any repair or maintenance needs for your properties. We also maintain many residential and commercial property management checklists that we would be glad to share.

Property managers of both commercial and residential properties have more than just the roof to worry about. Whether it’s cleaning services, snow plowing, or preventative maintenance, it’s not for the faint of heart. When it comes to your roof, we have the team to help!

Want to hear how we can help you manage your properties and reduce your roof worries? Contact us to get started.