Roof Safety Tips and Advice

sol vista roofing installer working on shingle roof

As professional roofers, we take job-site safety extremely seriously. Working conditions for Denver roof replacements or repairs involve significant risk of injury and/or property damage, so understanding roof safety precautions is critical before stepping foot on a roof.

General Safety Tips for Roofing

Before going onto a roof, this initial checklist should be followed. We always take the following precautions before climbing onto a roof.

  • Is there moisture or ice on the roof causing it to be slippery? If so, do not perform any repairs until it’s dry.
  • Double-check the work area is clean and inaccessible to pets and children.
  • Check your footwear. Wear soft-soled shoes with strong grip to avoid slips.
  • Do not work on roof repairs during extreme cold or hot weather. Extreme cold or heat can damage your shingles or tiles, and could lead to a more difficult and costlier repair.
  • Bring your cell phone. If you climb onto your roof and find yourself needing urgent help, you should have your phone. (it’s also recommended to take photos of your roof)
  • Equipment: if your roof is steep-sloped, use a harness and rope attached to an anchor to safely navigate the roof. Using toe-boards nailed in addition is a great safety tip.

Ladder Safety

Did you know nearly half of roofing related accidents involve a ladder? Ladder safety should be taken seriously, so keep this advice handy:

  • Use an appropriate size ladder for your roof. When fully extended for roof access, the ladder should extend three-rungs above the roofline.
  • Make sure your ladder is on dry, level ground.
  • Use a bungee cord to secure the ladder to the gutters.
  • Using a ladder hook or ridge hook can help ensure the ladder is secure.
  • Maintain three points of contact while climbing the ladder.
  • Follow the 4-to-1 ladder rule. For example, if the roof line is 10 feet high, the feet of the ladder should be 4 feet back from the climbing point.

While On the Roof

After you’ve prepared for safety, and climbed your ladder, safety and vigilance on the roof must continue to be a focus. We spend days on rooftops during roof replacements in Denver, and have found the advice below to be the most important to share.

  • Always maintain balance; walk and stand with your weight forward in your feet.
  • If you’re on a steep roof with valleys, use the valley area to climb to the ridge.
  • Never walk backwards on a roof.
  • Is there an electrical connection on the roof? Be careful to avoid touching a live wire. Call an electrician or your utility company if you are unsure.
  • If using a nail gun, make sure it is cleaned and lubricated. Only pull the trigger when the nailer is pressed against the material you are working on.

Our roofing team at Sol Vista Roofing is experienced in being cautious while performing Denver roof inspections, repairs, or replacements. We also carry A-rated liability and work comp insurance as additional protection in event of an accident. To be sure about safety and risk management, call our professional roofing team to assist with your project.