Roof Drip Edges: 7 Things You Should Know

Roof Drip Edges

When considering a new roof, one often overlooked component is the roof drip edges. This small but effective part of your overall roofing system can have a major effect on your home’s interior, so it’s important to know exactly how it works and how to choose the right one for your home. 

Drip edge is an essential element of being water-tight; not only does it keep water from seeping into your attic, but it also helps to protect the wood from rotting. Adding this metal strip along the top of your roof is easy and will help to keep moisture away from your house.

While many roofers might not consider drip edges a huge necessity, they are assets to any project! Let’s discuss seven reasons why you may need a drip edge.

They protect the fascia boards from damage.

Drip edges are the first line of defense against water damage on your property. They collect and direct water away from your fascia boards and prevent it from running down the side of your house — a surefire way to ruin your fascia. So if you’ve had a problem with water damage near your home, don’t make the same mistake again! Instead, call an experienced contractor like Sol Vista Roofing to install a drip edge today!

Support your shingles by protecting them from water damage. 

Water may seem harmless, but a small amount of water dripping or running over your shingles can cause a lot of damage in the long run. Without extra support, your roof could slump, which will eventually lead to the premature replacement of your shingles. This isn’t just an unnecessary expense; it’s also an eyesore that can harm the value of your property. You can use a drip edge to protect your roof against water damage. It stops water from getting underneath the shingles, maintaining the integrity of your roof. 

Preventing pests from making a home in your attic.

Animals love to get into your attic — but you can stop them with a drip edge. Drip edges are vertical pieces of material, often metal (which is ideal), that prevent rainwater from entering your attic. The most common animals that like to get into your home via this hole are squirrels and other rodents. In addition, pests in the attic can chew on your wires and insulation, damaging your home.

Roof drip edge protects the roof’s edge from ice dam damage.

Ice dams are tough to combat. They occur when snow and ice on your roof are trapped by your shingles, preventing melting snow from escaping to the ground below. If you have an ice dam, it’s time to get it removed with a drip edge. Drip edges make removing frozen water from your roof quick and easy — no longer will you have to deal with an ice dam.

They are affordable for every household.

Drip edge installation is inexpensive, cost-effective, and can save you a lot of money. But only if you install it correctly. A small leak could lead to a mess of problems down the road — so make sure that your contractor is using the correct technique, or at least get them to give you some advice on how to fix the problem yourself.

Many roofers do not include roof drip edges in their installations.

Drip edge is an important part of a roofing installation. It prevents rainwater from entering the attic area and can mitigate water damage from poor drainage but is often left out by inexperienced contractors. If your contractor includes drip-edge with their installation, they care about your home — which means you’ll probably be happier with the final product. And if the contractor leaves drip-edge out of a job, you might want to consider switching to another contractor.

Installing a drip edge is tricky and requires planning.

When you’re installing a new roof, chances are you’re going to need to install a drip edge. Drip edges prevent water damage through your roof, and they can be installed before or after the roof is built. However, installing a drip edge after the roof is built can be difficult, so many homeowners prefer to have one installed beforehand.

Drip edge installation should be taken seriously — it protects your whole house from rain damage. That’s why you need a contractor who’ll take the time to install the drip edge correctly, such as Sol Vista Roofing. Don’t trust your drip edge installation to anyone else — give us a call today!