Most common commercial roofing materials

commercial roofing materials

Commercial buildings and roofs come in many shapes and sizes. The roofing material used on different commercial structures depends on the type of structure, use of the structure, climate, and budget. The right commercial roofing materials will protect your property and create a watertight seal for years to come.

Regardless of the roofing material that’s right for your commercial roof, you want to make sure the roofing team is capable of installing it correctly. The commercial roof installers at Sol Vista have experience with all of these materials and can build you a high-quality roof with confidence.

With most commercial roofs being low-slope or flat, traditional sloped roof materials such as shingle and tile are not included on this list.

The most common commercial roofing materials are:

  1. Metal roofing – metal roofs come in many different metal types and appearances. They offer terrific roof strength and durability for your structure, and also have great fire resistance ratings. The most popular option is corrugated galvanized steel, while alternatives like aluminum, copper, metal tiles, and stone-coated steel are also great options.
  2. EPDM – Also known as Thermoset roof systems, EPDM roofs are a popular option for commercial buildings because of it’s versatile functionality, long-lasting durability, and ease of maintenance and repair. It is made from single-ply rubber material and also boasts high durability in cold weather climates such as winter in Colorado.
  3. Thermoplastic membraneThermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing systems are a great choice when you need a lightweight material with very high seam strength. TPO & PVC roofing systems are also highly resistant to punctures and tears, and offer high reflectiveness.
  4. Modified Bitumen – “Mod Bit” roofs are typically installed as two-ply systems in commercial settings and are directly adhered to the roofing deck in order to gain more protection and stability. This material is constructed from reinforced fabrics that are layered with bitumen, and are another easy-to-maintain commercial roofing option.
  5. Built-Up Roofing – “BUR” is commonly known as tar-and-gravel and was formerly the most popular flat roofing option in Colorado. As the name implies, it is built-up with multiple layers. It is flexible based on installation need as the number of layers can be adjusted based on the need of the roof structure. Built-up roofing systems are one of the most budget friendly, yet durable, roofing systems available.

Wondering if your commercial property needs a new roof, and what the right material might be? Contact the Sol Vista team and we would be glad to discuss your project or your questions.