Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Denver Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Farmhouse styling and farmhouse exteriors are on the rise as they become one of the most trendy and sought-after home styles. As specialists in premium, complex roofing and exterior renovations, we have been thrilled to work on several large modern farmhouse exterior projects. And, we have earned a reputation for our design assistance and best-in-market construction efficiency. With that said, here are some further details regarding farmhouse exterior styling.

Are farmhouse exteriors still in style?

Yes, without question, farmhouse exteriors are still in style. We have assisted in the design of several large farmhouse exteriors this year, and been part of the construction team for approximately fifteen projects total this year (2022). Farmhouse is one of the most requested motifs that our customers are requesting at present, especially in urban areas.

What makes a farmhouse exterior?

Most recently, farmhouse exteriors have been defined by a few key characteristics. A light color of siding is currently trendy for farmhouse, white in particular. It can work with horizontal lap siding, but vertical wood siding with battens is one of the keys to modern farmhouse design. Stacked stone in a light tone can be a great compliment to the wood siding as an exterior accent. Including small sections of natural wood can really make the exterior come to life.

For farmhouse roofs, solid dark colors are preferred with black being the most common. A true modern farmhouse would likely have a standing-seam metal roof, but most projects we have worked on include a majority of black asphalt shingles with a smaller metal roofing section as an accent (like a porch roof, or a dormer roof).

How can you get a farmhouse exterior look if your house isn’t a farmhouse?

In fact most of the farmhouse exterior projects we have worked on were not true farmhouses. An exterior renovation can bring any style to your home, including farmhouse. For simple and more budget friendly tricks that may be easier than a full exterior renovation, painting your home white and roofing with black shingles can get you “most” of the way there if vertical batten siding and black metal roof are not realistic.

How has farmhouse style evolved over the years?

In years past, farmhouse style meant dark exterior siding. Either earth tone or a dark color (think forest green) were common, although the vertical wood batten siding has remained a constant. Former farmhouse style tended to mean corrugated metal roof without a specific color or hue, which can still look great, but farmhouse style has evolved to favor more dark metal panel roofing instead.

What Kind of Roof Does a Farmhouse Exterior Include?

Since we are a professional Denver roofing company, the roofing component of the farmhouse exterior style is what we know best. Some of the key details of a farmhouse exterior are: the roof, the siding, the windows, and the doors. When it comes to the roof, the best way to make it a farmhouse roof is to:

  • Install a full metal roof. Standing-seam metal in matte black or dark bronze are currently the top picks for farmhouse exteriors.
  • Another great choice for a farmhouse roof is corrugated weathering steel. Most farmhouse exteriors are using black on the roof, so the rust color on the core-ten corrugated steel is a great way to stand-out and differentiate from other farmhouse projects in your neighborhood.
  • A full metal roof is not always in the budget for farmhouse exterior renovations, so we see a lot of asphalt shingles on a majority of the roof with metal roofing used as accents. When asphalt shingles are part of the project, they are usually black in color.