Metal Roofs: What Is Oil Canning?

Oil Canning

A metal roofing system is getting very popular nowadays. It is challenging its rival, i.e, the asphalt shingle roofing material. Many homeowners in Denver now prefer to install a metal roof. And there are plenty of reasons why they do so. Metal roofing is built to last a long time. It can easily last for more than 50 years too, depending on the area and maintenance.

Metal roofs are usually very solid and maintain a strong visual appearance for most of their lifespan. But there can be some issues that can leave a bad impression on your roof. One such issue is Oil Canning. This issue though not harmful can deter the appeal. This blog will help you to know about oil canning and how you can deal with it.

What Is Oil Canning?

Oil canning is one of the few issues that can affect your metal roof’s aesthetics. If you witness that your smooth metal panels appear distorted or wavy then it is an issue of oil canning.

Oil canning is one of those issues that can happen with any metal roofing substrate, and while it may occur in any system, it’s a problem that people are more likely to come across with standing seam roofs.

What Causes Oil Canning?

It is helpful to know what can cause oil canning of metal roofs so that you can take care of it the next time. There is no single reason that can be attached to oil canning. Instead, there are many things that can cause this problem. Some of these are given below.

Expansion Stress Of Metals

The composition of metals is such that it reacts to temperature changes. Thus your metal roof can naturally expand in heat and do just the opposite, i.e, contract when the temperature comes to lower levels. When the metals are double pinned, then they can restrict this natural process.

This stress on the metal’s inability to move will eventually cause it to deform as a result of an oil canning effect.

Sunlight Issues

The area and the structure of your property can also lead to an oil canning metal roof. If your roof is placed such that it receives uneven sun rays then also it can cause stress. If a part is fully lit and some part does not receive enough sunlight then it can lead the metal to distort.

Improper Handling

There are some causes that can lead to an oil canning metal roof before the roofing system is even installed. You should take care of the metal sheets and coil and handle them properly to avoid any damage. Installers should always be careful to carry the panels perpendicular to the ground and ensure they’re also supported every ten feet. For example, if the coil is 20 feet long, it is better to get 2-3 installers. Also, make sure that the contractor does not bend the metal.

Improper Deck or Underlayment

An uneven surface can also result in oil canning. If the deck is not flat then it can lead to a stressed metal. When this happens, slight bumps form over time which will then lead to a reduced aesthetic appearance of your metal roof.

The same goes with the roof’s underlayment. If the roof is not given a smooth surface, it will not be able to lay flat. Uneven underlayment will result in uneven stress on the roof panel.

Fastener Issues

Roofing fasteners are what you use when you have a metal roof on top of your roof deck. They help you quickly and seamlessly install roofing panels, which means less time and effort for you.

However, if fastening is not done correctly then it can lead to some issues. Overtightening a nail or screw can be a big mistake when installing metal roofs; if they’re overtightened it will lead to uneven stress and thus can affect the appearance.

Ways To Prevent Oil Canning

Now that you have learned about the various causes that can give rise to potential oil canning. You must be wondering what can you do about it and how can you make your metal roof look good again. In the next section, we will discuss just that.

Find A Heavier Metal

A good way to prevent the issue of oil-canning of metal panels is to buy a metal that has a thicker gauge. A metal gauge is a term used to describe the thickness of a particular metal. The thicker the metal, the lower will be the gauge number associated with it.

What a heavy metal will do is reduce the bending and wrinkling, since it is stronger and hard to bend.

Use More Striations

In order to keep Standing Seam and other flat panels looking their best, striations are often added to these metal panels. These striations are in the form of ridges, ribs, or waves. They are used to reduce the flat spaces on the metal roof. These ribs can play a role to reduce the appearance of oil canning of metal panels.

Opt For A Lighter Roof Panel Color

Your color choices can also have an impact on the extent of visibility of the oil canning effect. For example, the canning waves or creases are more obvious on darker-colored panels. On the other hand, they are less noticeable on white or lighter colored panels.

Make Sure The Roof Is Level

One way to reduce oil canning is to make sure the roof deck is level. When installing metal panels on top of an uneven or imprecise surface, stresses are inflicted on the metal as it tries to conform to those dips and bumps.

Hire The Best Metal Roofers In Denver, Colorado

From the above blog, it is clear how important it is to install the metal roof in a perfect way. A proper installation process can drastically reduce the possibilities of future issues such as oil canning.

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