Metal Roofs Myths Debunked!

metal roofs myths

Can you remember what all people said about a metal roof? The myth that have been doing rounds? Well, to know if they are right or not, roofing experts at Sol Vista Roofing have come up with a blog post that busts these metal roofs myths. It gives a detailed description of the misconceptions about metal roofs and why they are wrong. Read on!

Myth #1: Metal roofs are expensive.

Many people believe that metal roofs are expensive and don’t have a good ROI. Although it is a more significant upfront investment than asphalt shingles, metal roofing is a good choice for homeowners who want a long-lasting material that’s also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Metal roofs have a projected life cycle of 100 years, thrice that of some other roofing materials. So, it is worth every penny you will invest.

Myth#2: Metal roofs can catch fire easily.

Most people have the wrong misconception that metal roofs can catch fire quickly. However, this is far from the truth– in fact, the National Fire Protection Association conducted a study in 2002 on the flammability of roofing materials and found that metal roofs were one of the least likely to cause fires. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners in Denver, CO.

Myth #3: Metal roofs will make my home too hot.

Metal roofs are great for the summer because they don’t make your home too hot. Though you might initially think that metal would reflect heat into our houses during these months, but it is just another metal roofs myths. It actually absorbs and releases much of this radiated energy as structures cool or warm up with changes in temperature throughout each day.

Myth #4: Metal roof will break, leaking all over the place.

This is an extreme case of ‘the exception that proves the rule.’ In certain situations, metal roofs may need repairs or replacement because of inherent design flaws in certain roofing styles. However, these cases are rare, and most metal roofs come with a warranty that covers such rare occurrences.

Myth #5: Metal Roofs Only Last 10-15 Years

Just like any other roofing material, the expected lifespan of a metal roof depends on many factors. For example, it depends upon where you live and how much it snows in your area, the ventilation and insulation of your roof, the quality of installation and design, etc. However, if you take care of your roof, metal roofs will last 100 years with minor repairs. 

Myth #6: Metal roofs can’t be used on sloped roofs.

Many different types of metal shingle products are available on various sloped surfaces, from low-pitch to steeply angled roofs.

This could not be further from the truth. Whether you are using corrugated or standing seam metal roofing products or something like stone coated steel, they are viable options for roofs of many pitches when properly installed. 

Myth #7: Metal roofs will make it harder to sell my house.

This is one of the biggest metal roofs myths that is far from truth. If buyers are attracted to your property, they will be happy to pay for it. They may even appreciate that you chose a material that’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Myth #8: Installing a metal roof requires extensive workmanship.

Another misconception – metal roofing might require professional workmanship, but it doesn’t have to cost you a leg or arm. For professionals like Sol Vista Roofing, it is convenient to install. We have years of experience installing metal roofs on homes across the state.

Myth #9: Metal roofs are too loud.

Metal roofs do have low resistance towards sound against rain or hail. However, when installed over properly-insulated sheathing, modern metal roofing products are quieter than traditional roofs.

Myth #10: I can’t use a metal roof in my area.

Metal roofing is available for different regions of Colorado, with different styles and types to fit homeowners’ needs in all climates. To find out if metal roofs are suitable for your area, talk to your local roofing professional.

Roofing is a vital part of home maintenance. It keeps out rain, snow, and ice and reduces heat loss through your roof. Metal roofing system is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your home will be protected against all kinds of weather conditions. If you’re looking for a metal roofer in the Denver, CO region, contact us today.