How We Repair Commercial Flat Roofs

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As a professional commercial roofing company in Denver, CO, we get a lot of calls to repair commercial flat roofs. Diagnosing and repairing commercial flat roofs requires a trained eye and experience to get it done right. Whether you are a commercial real estate property owner or a property manager, our team can help.

There are several reasons to have your flat roof assessed, including roof leaks, visible blisters or water ponding, tears or damage to roof seams, and buckling/damaged flashing.

Leaks can be caused by peeling/damaged seems, poor flashing, or blisters that have cracked.

How We Repair Commercial Flat Roofs – By Material Type

Single-ply roof repairs

When we repair a single-ply roofing system, such as EPDM, TPO, or PVC materials, we first locate the section with damage or where the leak is originating. We will cut and remove the blister or damaged area and replace any wet insulation and fiber board that lies beneath with new, dry boards. Then we patch over the opening with the same material type and large overlap, sealing with galvanized nails and silicone sealant.

If water ponding caused the leak or blister, we will add tapered foam/insulation board (or roof cement) under the new single-ply material to ensure water does not pond in that location any longer. If we notice ponding water that is not blistering or leaking yet we will usually advise to have that section repaired before a bigger problem develops.

Built-up & modified bitumen roof repairs

Like single-ply repairs, we will cut into the blister area to access the layer beneath. If the membrane is in good condition, we can simply add roof cement beneath to prevent future ponding, then seal the top layer membrane with roof repair tar. However, if the membrane is extensively blistered and damaged, the entire damaged area will have to be replaced with new bitumen layers.

Flashing repairs

When edge metal flashing, penetration flashing (such as HVAC or skylight flashing) peels, rusts, or becomes damaged/bent, it should be replaced to keep your property water tight. These repairs can be minor or major in nature but should be handled by a professional due to the precision needed to properly flash your existing roof.

Seam repairs

If the seams of your roof membrane are peeling or cracking, we may be able to repair them with a patch made from the same material adhered to the existing roof, or with a silicone patch kit. If the membrane is asphalt-based (modified bitumen) we can often repair the seam with roof tar to extend the roof’s life.

Preventative maintenance

Our commercial roofing team will always advise property owners with cost-consciousness in mind. The best way to keep roof repair expenses low is by preventing issues from developing. With our maintenance program, we can set up complimentary annual inspections to diagnose potential issues before they become truly expensive.

Commercial Roof Coating

In some cases where extensive repairs are needed on multiple areas on your flat or metal roof, the expense of the needed repairs may force us to consider replacing the roof. But there is another option to consider. By coating your roof with a silicone or acrylic based roof coating system, you can extend the life of your existing roof 10+ years for about half the cost of what a roof replacement would be. Silicone roof coatings can withstand permanent ponding water and will not get damaged or shrink from UV rays, and are a great option for many commercial properties.

Is it time to have your commercial roof inspected? Contact us to have a Sol Vista roof advisor provide their professional opinion and assessment.