How to Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof in Denver

hail damage

When you live in the Denver area, it is important to spot hail damage on your roof. After all, it can save you time and money when trying to fix any issues that have come up because of an unexpected storm.

Keep reading for a few ways you can spot hail damage without having to call a professional.

  1. Look For Small Dents.

In many cases, you can tell if your roof has been damaged through small dents in the shingles. These are often easy to spot during a normal walk around your property. It can alert you to check things out further. For example, if you have found a few dents on your roof. There was likely enough force for the hailstones to go through the shingles.

  1. Look For Cracks In The Shingles.

One of the main signs of a hail-damaged roof is cracked shingles. This indicates not only that the storm hit your roof but also that it hit hard enough to damage the shingles themselves. The cracks can vary in size and may even be close together. Since the hailstones will often strike in small areas, especially when you consider how much hail came down overall.

  1. Look For Loose Shingles.

If your shingles are loose or you notice a lot of granule loss, this can be another sign that the storm has affected your roof. This will often happen in areas where the hailstones were hit several times since the area was left unprotected. The damage may not always be permanent, but it will typically need to be repaired by a professional in the end.

  1. Look For Dents In The Gutters Or Downspouts.

Another sign you will want to keep your eye on is any damage to the gutters or downspouts. Even if there are small dents or fractures, this can signify that the storm has done more damage than you originally thought. But, again, as with loose shingles, this could potentially need to be repaired by a professional Denver roofer.

  1. Contact Professionals At Sol Vista Roofing 

If you have not already called Sol Vista Roofing out to take a look at your property it is important to do so if you have spotted any signs of hail damage. This way, our roofer can assess the situation and plan to repair your roof before further issues arise.

  1. Get In Touch With Your Home Insurance Provider

Inform your insurance company when hail damage is involved in your claim. They may require a roofing company for inspection before paying out. However, if you cannot see signs of hail damage on your roof, you may still want a professional to check it out.

Every home’s exterior is different, and it can be hard to determine what signs there are of hail damage. This is why you may want to consider making a call to a professional Denver roofing company even if you cannot find any signs of hail damage. You can struggle with your deductible or end up paying out of pocket for this expense. So it is important to make the right decision for your situation as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a professional roofing company in Denver, CO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sol Vista Roofing at (720) 712-3516. Sol Vista Roofing is the top roofing expert in Denver, Colorado. We provide our customers with excellent service and quality workmanship on every project we undertake.