How to Clean Your Gutters – 9 Easy Steps

Your property’s gutter and downspout system directs water drainage away from your foundation and landscaping. It is an important job! And when your gutters collect leaves, pine needles, and sticks, it can clog them up. When this happens you run the risk of water and ice overflowing the gutter back onto the roof. This leads to leaks, and water trickling down your siding and seeping into your foundation.

All of this can lead to unnecessary, expensive repairs.

That’s why we suggest having your gutters cleaned once per year. The service team at Sol Vista Roofing has experience cleaning gutters for Denver-area homeowners. We are always glad to help with maintenance and repairs.

However, a lot of our customers enjoy this part of home maintenance. So we created this guide for DIY gutter cleaning for Denver homeowners.

How to Clean Your Gutters – 9 Easy Steps

  1. Get yourself an extendable ladder that can comfortably reach the gutters you plan to clean. Post your ladder on a solid surface, and use bungee cable to secure the top of your ladder to the gutters.
  2. If possible, find a helper. If you drop something from the ladder, you will save time by having an extra set of hands to help with your project.
  3. Gutter cleaning is a dirty job, so dress appropriately. Use work pants and shirt, and have multiple pairs of durable work gloves.
  4. Place a tarp under the gutter sections you will be cleaning. The tarp will collect the gutter debris you clean and protect your landscaping or patio.
  5. Get the gutter debris out. Use a plastic scoop, such as a gutter scoop, or even a small sandbox shovel to scoop debris out.
  6. After clearing the debris out, get your garden hose out and up to the gutters. Turn on your water and rinse out the gutters to flush the remaining dirt and gunk out. This will also reveal any gutter leaks you may have.
  7. After the gutters are cleaned, scan them visually to locate any sagging areas. Install a new gutter hanger in sagging locations.
  8. With your gutters cleaned and working, your job is done! Now, set a reminder to do the same task again the following year. Gutter debris accumulates quickly.
  9. If you’re cleaning your gutters right before the cold winter arrives, inspect your roof. You will want to make sure your roof and gutter system is ready for winter so you can avoid potential issues, such as ice dams.

Gutter cleaning can be done in just a few short hours as long as you have the right tools. And it’s critical to ensure your gutter drainage works properly.

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