Top questions for choosing a roofing contractor

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Are you looking for help in choosing a roofing contractor? Wondering how to tell if they will do a good job, build you a great roof, and treat your property with care?

Fortunately, we have put together this guide for questions to ask your contractor so you can confidently proceed with your roof project.

The team at Sol Vista is experienced in building high-quality roofs and serving our customers by communicating and answering all questions. We are always honored with the opportunity to improve another home with a Sol Vista roof.

four most important questions to ask before choosing a roofing contractor

  1. Are you licensed, bonded, and adequately insured? To be licensed in Colorado requires licensing within the city or county jurisdiction where your home is located. Not all Colorado roofers are licensed in all jurisdictions. A bonded roofer is one that has proven their ethical business practice to a bonding company. And insurance is critical in roofing, including general liability, workman’s compensation, and vehicle insurance, due to the difficult and occasionally hazardous work conditions of the roofing teams.
  2. Are you a local company? With the Front Range being ranked as high as the #2 hardest hit hail market in the United States, there are many “storm chaser” contractors that pass through after hail storms to try and win restoration bids. Hiring a local company will give you peace of mind that any future warranty claims will be honored.
  3. What warranty do you offer? Roofing warranties can be confusing since the manufacturer provides the material warranty and the roofer is responsible for the workmanship (proper installation) warranty. All material manufacturers warrant their product for 30+ years, so as a homeowner you should focus on what workmanship warranty the roofer provides. This will help you gain comfort with them should any future claim arise.
  4. Can you provide references? This may be the best way to determine how good a job the contractor does, as prior customers have been through what you are going through right now. Check the contractor’s google reviews and ask them if they would be willing to share references from prior jobs. A good contractor will be proud to have their former customers speak about their experience.


Reputable roofers will be glad to answer these questions. But don’t limit yourself to these four, you should ask any roofing question you want when interviewing contractors. The company that treats you like they are your dedicated roofing professional that is willing to sit and answer any question is likely the right company for you.

Have questions right now? Contact the Sol Vista team and we would be glad to discuss your project or your questions.