Everything You Need To Know About Curling & Buckling Shingles

buckling shingles

Colorado falls in the humid continental climate zone of North America, making your home vulnerable to the heat. The summers in Denver can reach up to an average high of 88° F. With a temperature this high, it won’t come as a surprise that our roof sustains great damage. The damage often comes with curling […]

Shingles We Love to Install

Sol Vista Roofing Owens Corning Duration Driftwood

There are no shortage of shingle options to choose from. So what are the shingles we recommend the most in 2021 for Colorado homeowners? Our team has weighed all the factors and came up with our rankings below. Asphalt shingles make up 70% of roofs in Colorado and is the most common material we install. […]

Why are asphalt shingle roofs so common?

asphalt shingle roof

Shingles are found on approximately 70% of homes in the United States. Here in Colorado with so many sloped roofs, it is estimated that there are even more than 75% of residences with asphalt shingle roofing systems. Asphalt Shingle Basics Most modern asphalt shingles are made using a woven fiberglass base mat which is saturated […]