Why Do I Need Plumbing Vents Coming Out Of My Roof?

plumbing vent on roof

Modern plumbing is a utility we have come to depend on. Issues with plumbing systems can create major headaches for our households. An often-overlooked area that can create plumbing system problems is your plumbing vent stacks that penetrate your roof. Why Do I have A Leak Coming From My Vent Pipes?   If you observe a […]

How to Remove a Swamp Cooler From Your Roof

Swamp Cooler Removal Denver

If you have an old unused evaporative cooler (aka “swamp” cooler) on your roof, you may think it’s an eyesore that you’d like to remove. At Sol Vista Roofing, we have performed many Denver swamp cooler removals and put this guide together to help homeowners understand the process. This can be a risky project to […]

Anatomy of a Commercial Roof

Sol Vista Commercial Roofing Denver CO

Your commercial roof system is made of more than just the visible top waterproofing layer that most people think of. A properly installed commercial flat (or low-slope) roof has several other critical components as well. The main components of a good commercial flat roof are: The Structural Deck The roof deck is the weight-bearing layer […]