How Does Santa Land His Sleigh on Steep Roofs?

Santa on roof

As Christmas day gets closer and closer, families are starting to make sure they are prepared for the arrival of Santa Claus. Santa travels the world by reindeer-pulled sleigh every Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to well-behaved girls and boys. For families that have homes with flat roofs, it’s simple for Santa to land his […]

What Are F-Wave Revia Roofing Shingles?

f-wave revia shingles

If you need a roof replacement, you may have heard of F-Wave Revia shingles as part of your research. F-Wave Revia shingles are one of the latest innovations in residential roofing, and are quickly becoming one of our favorite products to install. As one of the first Denver roofing contractors to offer F-Wave Revia shingles, […]

Do I Need an Impact-Resistant Roof?

Denver Class IV Impact Resistant Roof Shingles

In recent years, impact resistant roofing materials have been getting more attention. Roof material manufacturers have invested heavily into creating more durable roof products. It’s more common now to see roofing materials labeled as class III or class IV impact resistant. But what does that mean, and should you have it on your own home? […]

When NOT to File A Roof Insurance Claim

At Sol Vista Roofing, we have become used to performing roof replacements that are part of a storm damage insurance claim. When we inspect your roof, we know what type of storm damage to look for that can reduce your roof’s lifespan. If your roof is storm damaged from hail or wind, we can share […]

First Time Home Buyer Roofing Guide

Roof Tips First Time Homebuyers

Purchasing your first home is an exciting accomplishment that most Americans aspire to. Some of the key factors in choosing your home include the floorplan (does the house “flow”?), location (how will it affect your commute?), and storage space (is there a spot for all my stuff?). The condition of the roof does not get […]

What are the Components of a Residential Roof?

Owens Corning Roofing System

If it is time to replace your roof, you will want to understand all the layers that make up a roof. Your roof is much more than just the shingles or tile that you see, it is an entire system of components working together to keep your home dry. At Sol Vista Roofing, our team […]

The Ultimate Guide To Roof Replacement in Denver, CO

The ultimate guide to roof replacement in denver,co

Roof Replacement Process in Denver, CO    A complete roof replacement has many intricacies, but it doesn’t always have to be a headache to navigate. Once broken into simple steps, everything is much more manageable.  First, you will have to choose a roofing contractor. Then, you will be provided with roofing material options, such as […]

How To Tell If Your Roof Is Wind Damaged

wind damaged roof sol vista roofing

Do you think your roof might have been damaged by high winds? Hail and wind damage to Denver roofs is a common occurrence, and we can help identify when wind contributes to roof damage. Wind can affect your property in several ways, including fallen tree branches, uprooted trees, broken power lines, and loose or torn […]

The Most Common Roof Leak Causes (and what to do about it)

Water dripping from your ceiling during a rain or snow storm can be very concerning. Likewise if you notice a brown patch on your ceilings or walls caused by water leaking in from your roof. Roof leaks can cause significant damage to the interior of your home if not corrected fast, or ideally prevented in […]

5 signs you need new gutters

Sol Vista Roofing Denver Gutter Replacement

Gutter systems are sometimes an afterthought when it comes to critical home systems. But gutters have an important job that protects your home in many ways: collect and divert water from the roof, side, and foundation of your home. When your gutters begin to fail, the consequences can be expensive. Roof leaks, mold/mildew in your […]