Metal Roofs Myths Debunked!

metal roofs myths

Can you remember what all people said about a metal roof? The myth that have been doing rounds? Well, to know if they are right or not, roofing experts at Sol Vista Roofing have come up with a blog post that busts these metal roofs myths. It gives a detailed description of the misconceptions about […]

6 Benefits Of Metal Roofing System In Denver, CO

metal roofing system

The benefits of a metal roofing system in Denver, CO, are clear. The “green” exterior is long-lasting and can be recycled entirely when the time comes for it to be replaced. In addition, it’s made from up to 95 percent recycled content, so it isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – it’s environmentally friendly as well. A […]

Should I Consider A Stone-Coated Steel Roof for My Home?

Sol Vista Roofing Stone Coated Steel Colorado

Stone-coated steel roofing systems, like those provided by Boral Roofing, are becoming a more popular option in Colorado. This type of roofing provides the durability of metal roofing while also providing the more traditional appearance of shake, slate, or clay tile. For property owners looking into high-durability roof materials, Boral stone-coated steel is a great […]

Benefits of upgrading to a metal roof

sol vista roofing denver colorado metal roof

Homeowners throughout Colorado’s front range are increasingly choosing metal roofing options over more commonly found materials like tile and shingle. In Colorado’s climate, there are numerous benefits for choosing a metal roof to protect your property. Here are six of the main reasons there has been such a noticeable shift to metal roofs: Environmentally friendly. […]