Sol Vista Guide to TPO Roofing

Denver TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is one of the most popular options for commercial buildings and other structures with low-slope or flat roofs. If you’ve seen a flat, bright white roof, it was probably a TPO single-ply membrane. TPO is one of the main preferred roofing options we recommend for flat commercial roofs, in part because of the […]

What to Know About Your Commercial Roof Warranty

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The Sol Vista Roofing team has found that not enough of our commercial roofing Denver clients read the small print of their roof warranties. Most of the time, those clients never expected to actually need to file a warranty claim. If and when the time comes that you do need to use your commercial roof […]

What To Expect From A Commercial Roof Inspection

Denver Commercial Roof Inspection

Is it time to have your flat commercial roof inspected? Whether you think it may be time for a roof repair, roof replacement, or perhaps you just want an inspection for peace of mind, here is what you can expect from a professional Denver CO commercial roof inspection. You’ll want to start by calling a […]

Anatomy of a Commercial Roof

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Your commercial roof system is made of more than just the visible top waterproofing layer that most people think of. A properly installed commercial flat (or low-slope) roof has several other critical components as well. The main components of a good commercial flat roof are: The Structural Deck The roof deck is the weight-bearing layer […]

How We Repair Commercial Flat Roofs

Denver Commercial Roof Repair Sol Vista Roofing

As a professional commercial roofing company in Denver, CO, we repair a lot of flat and low-slope roofs. Diagnosing and repairing commercial flat roofs requires a trained eye and experience to get it done right. Whether you are a commercial real estate property owner or a property manager, our team can help. There are several […]

Nine Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

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Roof issues are an unavoidable fact of commercial real estate ownership. While dealing with commercial roofing issues can be frustrating, there is some good news! Many problems with commercial roofs are very common, and partnering with a full-service Denver roofing contractor like Sol Vista Roofing for routine inspections and seasonal maintenance can help uncover the […]

Roof Tips for Property Managers

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Property managers must juggle multiple properties and priorities at once, and sometimes a roofing issue is the last of their concerns. Unless your property has a leak, the roof can be easy to neglect. But letting a roofing problem slide can create multiple other structural concerns for the property down the road. At Sol Vista […]

Benefits of upgrading to a metal roof

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Homeowners throughout Colorado’s front range are increasingly choosing metal roofing options over more commonly found materials like tile and shingle. In Colorado’s climate, there are numerous benefits for choosing a metal roof to protect your property. Here are six of the main reasons there has been such a noticeable shift to metal roofs: Environmentally friendly. […]

Most common commercial roofing materials

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Commercial buildings and roofs come in many shapes and sizes. The roofing material used on different commercial structures depends on the type of structure, use of the structure, climate, and budget. The right commercial roof will protect your property and create a watertight seal for years to come. Regardless of the roofing material that’s right […]