Can I have my roof replacement in winter?

Can roof replacements be done in the winter

With the type of climate we have in Colorado, a question we get a lot is: can you get a roof replacement in winter? When it comes to roof replacement or repair, Winter weather adds a unique challenge to the project. Fortunately our team has experience successfully completing roofing projects even in the middle of Colorado winters.

So, can roofing projects be done in the winter?

The short answer is yes. However, these five key points need to be considered to do the job safely and effectively:

  1. Roofing repair or replacement can’t be done if it is actively snowing (or raining). In these situations, we have to wait out the storm until the air is dry.
  2. Shingle roofing requires temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the level needed to activate the asphalt adhesion and form a durable weatherproof roof.
  3. Winter roof projects may take longer, and are more likely to get rescheduled due to weather.
  4. Your roof may be warmer than the air outside. Proper attic ventilation and airflow, along with stored warmth from a stretch of sunny days, can provide a warm enough roofing surface to replace your roof even if the weather is cold.
  5. Some contractors will not do winter roof replacements. Roofing work always requires extra safety, especially in the cold and slippery conditions of Colorado winters.

When to call a roofer for your winter roofing project

If you’re faced with concerns about your roof in the winter, don’t delay until warmer weather due to concern about the cold. Delaying needed repair or replacement can cause even more damage, sometimes hidden to you until it becomes a major problem. Severe winter weather, leaking, or ice damming are examples of when to have a professional assess your roof.

Instead, find a qualified contractor and ask them about their experience in the cold. They may be able to provide photos or references of cold weather jobs they have performed. The team at Sol Vista would be glad to help answer your cold weather roofing questions – contact us here to get in touch with one of our experts.