Best Roof Shingle Colors in 2022

Best Roof Color

If you need a roof replacement in 2022, you will want to make sure you have the best roof shingle colors available to choose from. The color you choose for your roof can make a lasting impression on the curb appeal of your home! To make the most of your color selection, we have a few rules to follow as well as some of the top colors we have installed in 2022.

The Best Roof Shingle Colors for Your Property

Modern shingle color selections are so numerous, it can be overwhelming at times. Shingle colors nowadays are made with blends of multiple colors that give new shingles the appearance of texture and dimensionality. These characteristics, along with the natural shading in new architectural shingles, means your roof will have a lot more character after your new shingles are installed than before.

With that in mind, the top general shingle colors for 2022 include:

  • Beige and light brown (ex: desert tan, amber, chestnut)
  • Light gray and off-white (ex: quarry gray, antique silver)
  • Dark brown (ex: teak, Brownwood)
  • Blue (ex: harbor blue, pacific wave)

Owens Corning Pacific Wave

The Best Roof Colors to Go With Your Siding

Your roof has to fit the rest of the theme you have imagined for your property. That includes your siding color. You don’t want to invest into a new roof and later find the color you chose clashes with the rest of the property. With that in mind, here are some tips for color themes to choose, or avoid, based on your siding:

If your house is white:

You have a lot of flexibility with your roof color choice. Solid-colored shingles and primary colors are optimal. Anything from red, black, blue, gray, and green can be complimentary roof colors to a white home. The one roof color category to avoid with a white home would be a brown roof, unless you choose something on the extreme dark brown spectrum.

If your house is blue:

Your best color categories will be light grey, off white, dark grey, black, or brown. If choosing brown, a darker brown will likely fit better than a light brown. Grey roofs are what we’ve found as the most popular choice for blue sided homes recently. Roof colors to avoid are blue, red, and green roofs.

If your house is gray:

Then your best color choice would be something with a dark hue. Gray homes give you flexibility to choose color on your roof as well, with options like blue, red, and green shingles becoming more popular. Lighter roof colors can lose their appeal on gray homes, though.

If your house is red:

You will want shingles that are black or include some black as part of the design. Dark gray and dark brown shingles look great on red homes. Roof colors to avoid on red homes are light hues, red, and green.

If your house is brown:

There will be a lot of great options for your roof color. Grey and black are good choices, and browns of all shades work well on brown homes. Colorful roof options like red and green are not as appealing on brown houses, however.

Should You Use Light Or Dark Hues For Your Roof Shingles?

The right level of complimentary contrast between your roof and your siding can make your home’s curb appeal really “pop” and stand apart from your neighbors. Light and dark hues can affect this appearance.

In general, dark roof colors are more eye-catching. Dark roof hues have the ability to blend in more complex color dimensions and variations. The roofs that are more dark in color tend to draw more attention to your home and its roof.

Lighter color roofs work great on homes that have a steep pitch. The non-dominant color won’t overwhelm the look of your property like dark colors can on steep roofs.

Should You Get A “Designer” Color On Your Roof?

Roofing technology continues to improve and innovate. Some of our new favorite colors are available under the “designer” title and can make your home appear very distinct from others on the block.

Owens Corning Bourbon Best Roof Shingle Color

One of our favorite colors was rated as the Owens Corning 2022 shingle color of the year: Bourbon. It’s an incredible shingle color with blends of red, brown, grey, and blue that would turn heads on any street. Other Owens Corning Designer colors we love are Sand Dune, Aged Copper, and Pacific Wave.

Need Help Choosing A Roof Color For Your Home?

The project managers at Sol Vista Roofing have helped hundreds of homeowners make the right color choice for their home. We can provide samples and help point out resources where different options can be considered. When you’re ready to get started, contact our team!