The Five Best Denver Christmas Light Installers

Denver Christmas Light Installers

One of the joys of the annual holiday season is enjoying the festive holiday lights that so many homes have installed. Christmas decorating and lighting is a way that many homeowners bring warmth to their family and their neighbors during the cold season. Professional Denver Christmas light installers help take the chore of installing the lights off the shoulders of the homeowners while still allowing them to participate in the festivities of the season.

Even though the team at Sol Vista Roofing does not install Christmas lights, we still get asked by our clients who the best Denver Christmas light installers are. We have put this list together and are glad to refer our clients to these Denver Christmas light installers, who we know will do a great job.

What Prices do Denver Christmas Light Installers charge?

While pricing varies from one company to the next, we have found that on average, Denver Christmas light installers are charging $4.00-$5.00 per linear foot of lights installed. For the average project, it comes to about $800 total. There are many factors that can affect this pricing, such as: height of the roof/trees, steepness, difficult access areas, and whether your owned lights will be installed or you rent the lights from the installing company. With that in mind, the range of pricing per foot of light cable could be anywhere from $3.00 on the low end up to $12.00 for complicated installation projects.

How to Find Denver Christmas Light Installers for YOUR Home

Even though Denver Christmas light installers are not construction crews to renovate your home, you still want to be protected in case of an accident. While a license for installing lights is not required, your installation team should carry liability insurance to protect you and your property against any accident that could occur during your installation. Be sure to ask to see a copy of your installers’ insurance certificate. For extra assurance, we also recommend asking your installer for photos of their prior lighting installations as well as references from their other customers.

The Five Best Denver Christmas Light Installers

Without further delay, here are the best Denver Christmas Light Installers:

Denver Illuminations

Denver Illuminations is a local-owned Christmas light installer that has been at it for years. They are not part of a franchise, and their company is fully focused on professional lighting. They serve residential and commercial properties.

For a quote, call them at 303-841-8884

Denver Christmas Light Installers

Christmas Light Professionals

Christmas Light Professionals has been installing Christmas lights for over 30 years, and has over a hundred google reviews to prove it. They originally started in Salt Lake City, and have since expanded to become Denver Christmas light installers as well.

For a quote, call them at  303-800-4676

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Denver Christmas Light Displays

Denver Christmas Light Displays provides a high-level of service and is committed to making their customers happy with their work. They have been Denver Christmas Light Installers for 14 years and are fully insured to protect their clients.

For a quote, call them at 720-296-7711

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Above All Holiday Lighting

Above All Holiday Lighting has found a specialty installing Christmas lights on large, high-end homes and commercial buildings. Each of their installations is customized for the needs of the property owner they are working with.

For a quote, call them at 303.578.8177

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JellyFish Lighting Colorado

JellyFish Lighting provides innovative year-round LED light installations to serve your Christmas lighting needs. Their installations work great for other festivities as well, including birthday parties, 4th of July, and Halloween. They have had hundreds of happy customers over the years.

For a quote, call them at (720) 583-0821

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