Benefits Of A Sustainable Roof Coating

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There are an ever-increasing mention of “green” roofing products in the construction industry. At Sol Vista Roofing, we have invested in roof material recycling research and stay on the forefront of new eco-friendly materials. We also install impact-resistant roofing on nearly all of our roofs (more than 85%!), which helps keep old materials out of our landfills.

Sustainable Roof Coating – Castagra Ecodur

One sustainable product we are proud to install is Castagra Ecodur roof coating. This roof coating product is free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), making it safe for property owners, tenants, and roofing installation crews. Castagra Ecodur is created with widely abundant and sustainable raw materials (gypsum and castor oil), and contains no toxic chemicals.

But that’s not all… because of Ecodur’s extreme adhesion to nearly all roofing substrates, pressure washing is not required like it is on other roof coatings. In a typical roof coating project, the pressure-washing prep work is known to use hundreds of gallons of water.

And, by coating your roof instead of tearing-off and replacing it, you’ll be saving our landfill from additional construction waste. It’s estimated that 23% of all the solid waste in the US is caused by construction and demolition waste, which is preventable by choosing a roof coating.

A Sustainable Roof Coating Can Save You Money

If your Denver commercial roof is aging and in need of attention, you may be gearing up for a large price tag. By choosing an Ecodur roof coating for your property, you may be able to save some of your funds to use elsewhere around your property. Most Denver roof coatings, including Castagra Ecodur, can be installed for $6-$9 per square foot. Compare this to $12-$18 per square foot for a full commercial roof replacement, and the choice becomes easy and clear!

The cost savings can continue into the future as well, because Ecodur coatings can be re-coated infinitely as your property ages. A Castagra certified installer in Denver is able to offer 10-year warranties on the Ecodur coating, and after the 10-years expire another coat can quickly be applied to extend the lifespan even more.


Roof coatings are a great option for most failing flat and metal roofs, but there are limitations. If the roof is failing badly enough that there is wood-rot beneath the roof surface, the wood will need to be replaced before any new roofing material can be installed. A qualified Denver roofing contractor will be able to determine if your roof sheathing is in good enough shape for a coating. In some cases, a core sample may be taken.

Ecodur is known for it’s extreme adhesion to almost all surfaces. Your contractor will perform a “pull test” to ensure Ecodur adheres to your roof. In a small minority of cases, Ecodur does not adhere to a roof’s surface and makes it not the best fit for that roofing opportunity.

What’s Next?

Does your Denver flat roof need repair or replacement? Consider a Castagra Ecodur roof coating from the professionals at Sol Vista Roofing! Contact us today to begin the process.