What are Architectural Asphalt Shingles? (5 Things to Know About Them)

Architectural asphalt shingles

If you look around, you’ll notice that almost every home in your neighborhood has a shingle roof. While some look flat, others may have a dense appearance and give a safer and more attractive feel than other roofs. If you also find a roof that resembles wood shakes or slate, you are probably looking at architectural asphalt shingles. They are currently the highest-selling roofing material on the market due to their numerous benefits over 3-tab and luxury roofs.

If you are comparing your options and want to learn everything about this trending roofing material, this guide is an excellent resource for you. Our article compiles everything about architectural shingles, as explained by the industry’s top roofing experts.

We will start by answering the first question homeowners ask and then move on to explain 5 crucial features of architectural shingles.

What’s The Difference Between Architectural Shingles And Asphalt Shingles?

When you say asphalt shingles, you are probably referring to the traditional 3-tab shingles that were prominent a very long time ago. Architectural shingles differ from the traditional 3-tabs in every category– formulation, design, strength, durability, cost, and weight.

After years of experiments, some manufacturers started producing a better form of asphalt shingles that we now call architectural shingles. Since 1970, these brands have been building upscale shingles using composite materials including fiberglass. From there, the roofing industry recognized the power of these advancements and began launching robust architectural shingles.

Many people often wonder if architectural shingles are made of asphalt or a completely different material. Let’s find out.

Architectural asphalt shingles

What Are Architectural Shingles Made Of?

The latest versions of architectural shingles contain asphalt, but more substances come together to fortify these shingles and create a sturdy roofing material. Architectural asphalt shingles have a principal base of fiberglass, and the rest of the compound is a refined mix of ceramic mineral granules and asphalt.

Also known as laminated shingles, architectural shingles have two thick strips laminated together to form a more powerful shingle. A large part of the US population now depends on these sturdy roofing shingles to keep their families and belongings safe while boosting their home’s value and improving curb appeal. If you are curious about the facts, here’s what the growth pattern of architectural shingles looks like:

The Rise Of Architectural Shingles

The premium roofing performance and luxurious looks are the main reasons behind the growth of architectural shingles, where Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed are currently leading the market. Architectural asphalt shingles are growing at a rate of 4% CAGR, as millions of homeowners are switching to dimensional shingles each year.

Apart from the two features, people enjoy many more benefits from their architectural roofs. So we will now explain the primary motivations behind this change.

Why Do People Prefer Architectural Shingles? The Ever Growing Benefits

Our experts break down the benefits of architectural shingles into six categories. Read them carefully to understand how architectural asphalt shingles can protect your home better, and how you can enhance your home’s appearance and value.

First Choice For Homeowners Looking An Affordable Roof Replacement.

Architectural shingles will give you the best value for money if you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting roof. The main reason why people are shifting to these shingles is that the regular 3-tabs never gave them the peace of mind they needed.

Architectural shingles typically last for 4 decades! The leading manufacturers like Owens Corning present homeowners with a lifetime warranty of up to 40 years! It covers manufacturing as well as installation defects (when you choose a brand-preferred roofing contractor for installation). If you keep them in good shape via yearly inspection and cleaning services, they can last even longer than that.

Local companies may not offer this type of lifespan and warranty coverage. The length and type of warranty depend solely on the manufacturer and installer.

Incredible Performance In Protecting Your Roof From Wind And Hail Damage.

In addition to being more attractive, architectural shingles offer high protection from wind damage. This is due to their thicker weight and multiple layers, which help make them stronger overall. Additionally, they are much better at withstanding hail and impact damage. If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions, such as Colorado, premium architectural shingles are tried and tested to protect homes during hail and stormy weather events.

Architectural Roofs Have A Lower Chance Of Water Damage And Roof Leaks.

Architectural roofs have a higher waterproofing power than 3-tab shingles. They have a moisture-resistant form, preventing rainwater and melting snow from passing through the shingles even after prolonged exposure. This is a huge advantage for people living in humid or snowy states such as Colorado.

You Can Customize The Looks Of Architectural Shingles To Match Your Taste And Home’s Pattern

This is a favorite feature of most homeowners. With architectural asphalt shingles, you get the opportunity to explore dozens of patterns and shades. You can mix and match the designs and colors to create a shingle look that will be unique to your home.

Architectural shingles are perfect for you if you want a traditional wood pattern with added strength. Architectural shingles are also the best option that can imitate the royal appearance of slate, and the natural feel of wood shake roofs better than any other roofing material. Without touching your roof, it would be tough for people to tell the difference. You can take inspiration from this year’s best roof shingle colors.

On top of it all, architectural roofs don’t weigh much, so there is no chance of a sagging roof. This also means your roof decking will not have to bear the heavy weight of luxurious materials like tile and slate. It will stay protected for years and function properly without any damage due to heavy roofing material.

Architectural Shingles Are More Energy Efficient

Thicker shingles successfully keep wind, water, and moisture out of your home. Since they can’t enter through the roof, you can easily control your home’s temperature and humidity levels with roof vents, soffits, insulation, and air cooling/heating appliances. The HVAC units will work properly and require less time and energy to do their job.

Their Cost Is Not An Issue

Architectural shingles may cost more to buy and install, but they are more economical. This is mainly due to their extraordinary ability to combat harsh elements and a lifespan of over 30 years. What makes them even more cost-effective is that architectural shingles need less maintenance than 3-tab shingles. Finally, when you look at the extended benefit of warranties, they become even more desirable.

Many insurance companies also offer discounts on insurance premiums when you choose architectural shingles from a premium brand. If you ever experience storm damage and your architectural roof was installed many years ago, you still have a chance at saving lots of dollars.

Architectural Roofs Can Help Pass Your Insurance Claims

After a storm, insurance companies may easily pass your claim if you have a sturdy class 4 shingles such as TruDefinitaion Duration Storm. That’s because shingles that qualify for class 4 rating have undergone the toughest impact and wind damage tests any shingle can pass. Insurance companies will find it easier to pass your claim due to the authentic reputation and performance of your architectural shingles.

If you are wondering about the cost of architectural asphalt shingles, let’s explore it in detail.

How Much Do Architectural Shingles Cost?

The average price of architectural shingles is $2 per square foot, which is less than the cost of other roofing materials, such as metal, tile, and slate. The price will vary depending on the type and size of the roof, as well as the labor cost and your home’s location.

Most US homeowners spend around $9,000 to $18,000 on purchasing and installing new architectural shingles with a lifetime warranty. This details an average US home with a 1500 square feet area, medium complexity, and a roof pitch between 4/12 and 9/12. Premium architectural shingles can cost up to $23,000 after installation.

Expert Recommendation

There’s no reason to put up with a leaky and less durable roof when there’s a brand like Owens Corning. Our experts recommend their Oakridge Architectural shingles for all kinds of homes– small and cozy to complex and grand. These are among the highest-selling shingles with plenty of color and design options, such as Dessert Tan and Onyx Black. The Oakridge range comes with StainGuard Plus algae protection technology and Tornado wind rating for premium protection.

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