A Homeowners Guide To DaVinci Roofing: Read Before Buying

DaVinci Roofing Denver

As a homeowner, your priority should be to ensure that you are protecting the property you have worked so hard to afford. This means taking care of all the aspects of your home. One of the most prominent aspects of a home is its roof. Installing a durable roof that can withstand the impact of wind, rain, and snow is very important to your safety. Having such a roof keeps the home safe and maintains the value of the property. This article provides you with insight into one of the best roofing providers, DaVinci Roofing, and its products.

But before we move further, let us start by telling you about the company itself.

What Are DaVinci Roofscapes All About?

Your roof is one of the first things people notice about your home. So it is evident that it should be of the finest quality. DaVinci strives to provide you with just that. It is one of the most recognized composite roofing brands globally, with a proven history of excellence.

Founded in 1997, the company has only moved in the forward direction over the past two decades.

DaVinci roofing tiles can help you get an authentic, natural look that stands out from the rest. Their ultra-realistic fusion of nature and technology is a one-of-a-kind product that adds depth to any exterior — without even coming close to the hassle or cost of natural slate or wood shakes.

Types Of DaVinci Roof Tiles

When considering a home improvement project, quality materials are always necessary. If you are also looking for quality and reliable materials for roofing, there are lots of products offered by DaVinci that can help you. The tiles offered are offered in two broad categories:

Slate Roofs

Over the years, slate roofs are also getting popular in Denver, Colorado. This is a type of roof made from tiles of grayish-black slate rock. These are known to provide high-quality premium loom to your roof.

DaVinci offers you three different tile products in their Slate Series.


As the name suggests, Multi-Width slate roofs include slate tiles with varying widths. Constructed out of only the highest quality materials, their tiles are built with a UV and thermal stabilizer and a highly-specialized fire retardant — all carefully used throughout the composite material. This slate is available in 12 rich colors.

As per the creator DaVinci, this Multi-Width slate product boasts the following features.

  • Available in 12″, 10″, 9″, 7″, and 6″ width with a thickness of 1/2″
  • Can be installed at 6″, 7″, 7-1/2″, and 8″ exposure
  • Modeled from actual slate for natural, non-repeating beauty
  • Resistant to fading, rotting, cracking, and pests
  • Lifetime Limited Material Warranty
  • Tiles arrive at the job site bundled and pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating sorting and guesswork at the site

Unlike Multi-Width slates, these are available in only 12″ width, providing a uniform, traditional look. Apart from this, all the features of the Multi-Width tile are also available in this variant, such as the pure virgin composition with thermal stabilization. Single-Width tiles are available in 9 visually appealing colors.

Bellaforté Slate

Bellaforté, an Italian origin word, translates to strong and beautiful. This DaVinci roof tile, Bellaforte, conveys the same essence as the word itself.

The design uses modern manufacturing techniques to create a tile that is as durable and beautiful as any other slate tile. These tiles are Heat-resistant and UV-stable and can endure extreme conditions without losing their gloss or color.

Thus, stylistic elements and a price point make this slate tile desirable to customers seeking top-quality material at an affordable price.

As per DaVinci’s website, their Bellaforté slate roof has the following features.

  • 12″ tile width as well as exposure that helps to increase your roof’s aesthetic appeal
  • 1/2″ tile thickness
  • The leading-edge tab secures every tile to improve wind performance drastically.
  • Interlocking tile composition helps to form a built-in rain gutter.
  • The broad and innovative design enables to reduce of the overlapping required. This helps in the deduction of the material and the overall cost.

Shake Roofs

Cedar shake roofs are one of the most popular and pleasing styles of wood shake in the U.S. markets. Many consider them to be the most beautiful material for exterior siding. It’s a premium roof system that’s eco-friendly and has plenty of benefits over other roofing materials.

Like their Slate tile lines, DaVinci offers you three different looks for your home with cedar shake tiles.


DaVinci Multi-Width Shake is a hand-split shake roof available in multiple widths. This helps to bring the authenticity of authentic cedar shake roofs to the 21st century. With a lifetime warranty, you can be sure this product will bring natural beauty to your house for decades to come. This famous roof shake also has color stability that gives your roof a distinct look and allows it to last longer than cheaper shakes on the market today.

Their website states that this DaVinci Multi-Width Shake has the following characteristics.

  • Available in multiple sizes to provide your roof with a different look. These shakes come in 9″, 8″, 7″, 6″, and 4″ widths.
  • 5/8″ tile thickness
  • Can be installed at 9″ or 10″ exposure as you choose
  • Thick construction, deep grooves, and realistic grain patterns create dramatic shadows and visual richness.
  • Resistant to fading, rotting, cracking, and pests
  • Lifetime Limited Material Warranty
  • Tiles arrive at the job site bundled and pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating sorting and guesswork at the site.

Other products in this range are as follows.


A single-width shake roofing project can deliver all the benefits of traditional cedar siding, including its beautiful style and durability, but with various textures, visual shifts, and lasting appeal.

These come in only one level of thickness, i.e., the 9″ tile width.

You can choose this if you want a uniform look for your roof.


Bellaforté shake was introduced in 2012 with a simple concept: to make any home’s roof project beautiful and more accessible. It is a thick shake tile with a broader width and exposure.

Bellaforté has great product qualities: a perfect combination of classic and contemporary, unrivaled durability, and a Lifetime Warranty. The company’s installation and design teams guarantee that every Bellaforté product walks out the door in mint condition.

Select Shake

This is the latest and the most advanced shake tile from DaVinci roofs. DaVinci Select Shake tiles are available in some great looks and colors that you can use to give your roofing system the cedar look that you’re after.

Apart from looking very beautiful on your roof, this roof is very sturdy and can easily face the harshest weather conditions. This can also be installed with ease, so you do not have to worry about sparing a chunk of your time.

  • Available in two variants: 8″ and 10″ and can also be used to give a multi-width look.
  • Seek nature with 5/8″ tile thickness
  • DaVinci Select Shake is made from natural wood, which gives it a textured finish that’s far more authentic than any other shake on the market.

Sol Vista Roofing Prefers DaVinci Roof Products?

Sol Vista Roofing is the best roofing company in Denver, Colorado. Our crew has a combined experience of over 20 years in the roofing space and thus can offer you world-class services, so your roof does not have to suffer from mediocrity.

Why Do We Prefer DaVinci Roof Tiles?

Providing our customers with first-rate services is our top-most priority.

Using suitable quality materials is the first step to a great roof. This is why we use products from DaVinci. They are one of the industry leaders that provide quality composite roofing products to the homeowners of Denver.

  • Their Slate and Shake composite roof products are constructed with a unique and unparalleled process, making them better than their natural counterparts.
  • DaVinci roof products are highly durable and long-lasting. The following ratings prove this.
    • Class A Fire Rating
    • Wind resistance of up to 110 mph
    • Class 4 impact resistance
  • These products also come with a warranty.
  • DaVinci roofing products come in an almost endless variety of colors, allowing you to customize your roof much like any other aspect of your house.

Impact Resistance

Roofs in Denver are exposed to extreme weather such as wind and hail. Davinci Roofs have a Class 4 rating for impact resistance, making them less susceptible to damage when a weather event such as a hail storm occurs. This is important because their asphalt shingle counterparts are less resilient and more likely to need to be repaired or replaced when damaged by hail.

Looking For A New Roof In Denver, Colorado?

If you are also looking to improve your home with a new roof, we can surely help you. We offer a variety of premium roofs, fit for residential and commercial properties, that look great and are also sturdy and long-lasting. To know more about DaVinci Roofs or any other service, contact us today at (720) 712-3516.