A Homeowners Guide To 3 Tab Shingles

3 Tab Shingles

Shingle roof remains the most popular choice for the Denver homeowners to date. Despite the arrival of a whole lot of materials in the roofing arena, asphalt shingles maintain their firm footing in the market. So whether you are looking for a replacement or a new installation, a shingle roof can be perfect for you. Why? Because asphalt shingles are long-lasting and durable. They also look beautiful on your roof too. You get all this at a very affordable price.

These shingles are broadly classified into three categories: 3-tab, designer, and luxury shingles.

In the following sections, we will talk about the classic, 3-tab shingles roof, what it is and how it can help you.

What Are 3 Tab Shingles?

3 Tab shingles are the most basic and traditional range of asphalt shingles. These get their name from their tab-like design and appearance. 3 identical cuts are made on the bottom edge of the singles. So when you install them, an individual shingle will seem like having 3 parts.

These shingles are lightweight, due to the fact that they are single-layered, as well as durable.

What are the 3 tab shingles made up of?

No matter the category of the shingles you own, the composition remains pretty much the same. 3 tab shingles are mainly composed with the help of a black sticky substance known as asphalt. The base is created from durable fiberglass material. Other components used include adhesives, sand, water, etc. Also, these shingles are coated with various granules made of minerals.

Why Should You Have A 3 Tab Shingles Roof?

Though these are the oldest types of shingles available, this does not mean that they are now out of time. 3 tab shingles can offer you a host of advantages. Some of them are given below.


If you have researched even a little bit about your home’s roof, you would know that asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing materials available in the Denver market. The 3-tab shingle is the most cost-effective in the shingles range. Like some other materials, these will not burn a hole in your pocket. No one can beat this shingle in terms of pricing. Thus, they are guaranteed to give you a good value for your money. It can prove to be a delight if you are a little tight on your budget.

Lightest Shingles

A three-tab shingle is a type of residential roofing material that is characterized by its lightweight nature. This is because they are composed of a single layer. This is why they are called strip shingles.

This makes it possible for these shingles to be attached to every type of roof with ease. Contractors also prefer these shingles due to their lightweight as they do not have to do much work and can carry them easily.

Environment Friendly

Environmental concerns are rising with each passing year. Thus we have to make sure that we do our every bit to save our environment. With these roofing materials being recyclable, homeowners don’t have to worry about ruining the environment anymore. If your roof needs a three-tab shingle or the entire roof replaced, you can do it guilt-free because the material is 100% recyclable. After their use, the 3 tab shingles can be repurposed.

Visual Appeal

These shingles can fit any house. No matter what the style of your home or where you live, contractors are always happy to install these shingles. These are known to have a simple, classic visual appeal. This can be perfect for you if you want a roof that has a uniform appearance.

Also, roofing with 3-tab shingles comes in a variety of color options. From bright whites to reds and dark shades, all are available in this range.

Ease Of Handling

3 tab shingles are not only easy to install but also easy to handle as well. Since they are lightweight they can be replaced easily. Also, if there arises a circumstance when you need to repair your asphalt shingles, then also there are not many hassles involved. This  is also an uncomplicated process, and the tools required for this are cheap and easy to find.

Cons Of 3 Tab Shingles

Roofing with 3 tab shingles does suffer from some limitations as well. Following are some of the drawbacks of the 3 Tab shingles.

Shorter Life Span

The 3 Tab shingles have the shortest life span among all the shingles. These can run for you for 10-15 years at max. After this, they start showing damaging signs and need to be replaced.

Cannot Stand Stong Weather Conditions

Though they offer relatively good durability when compared to their price, but they cannot withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong heavy rains or high temperatures. So if your area witnesses harsh weather conditions, these shingles may not be the right choice.

Cannot Face High Winds

Due to their lightweight nature and single layer composition, they cannot withstand the forces of high wind and storms. During such conditions, these shingles tend to get uplifted.

Best 3 Tab Shingles Available In The Market

There are many types of 3 tab shingles available in the market. These shingles are offered by almost all the manufacturers in the country. But how would you select the right shingles? To ease your work, we have done the research for you and provided the best shingles in the market.

  • Owens Corning Supreme
  • CertainTeed XT series
  • GAF Royal Sovereign
  • IKO Marathon Plus

Looking For 3-Tab Shingles Roof Installation?

It is clear that 3 tab shingles can provide great value for money and can be the perfect shingle if you are looking for a simple, unique design that doesn’t cost you too much money. If you also want to install a 3 Tab shingles roof in Denver, Colorado, then all you need to do is to hire a professional roofing company such as Sol Vista Roofing. We have a combined experience of more than 20 years. Also we are trained to install the 3 tab shingles from top-tier manufacturers such as Owens Corning. Connect with us at (720) 712-3516.